February 2, 2007

Rasbaby update

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for a Rasbaby checkup. It was great to see her on the ultrasound, although I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to take home any photos.

Here's what I learned about my favorite little fetus:

She weighs approximately 4 pounds 5 ounces, which is right on track for her gestational age. I'm very relieved, because diabetic mothers tend to have freakishly huge babies. But Rasbaby is just the right size, and she's expected to gain about 1/2 pound a week until she is born.

I can leave the "Someday, I'll Demand a Pony" onesie on the gift registry, because she is definitely still a girl. No surprises have popped up since we last saw her at 18 weeks.

She has long legs. I don't know how long, but my doctor pointed out and complimented Rasbaby's femurs. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be tall; I just hope she doesn't tower over me the way I tower over my mother, since I'm 5'10". On the other hand, perhaps in 20 years, 6-foot tall women will be the norm.

She has assumed the head-down position that babies are supposed to get into before birth. Her feet are just above my belly button, and the hearty pummeling I feel in my mid-section is coming from Rasbaby elbows.

She's an active little fetus, simultaneously impressing and annoying the doctor's staff with her ability to wriggle away from a heart monitor as soon as it's in place.

Even though she's getting her oxygen through the umbilical cord, Rasbaby is already practicing breathing. That's a really good sign; I couldn't be prouder of my little overachiever.

All the little details - heart rate, amniotic fluid level, etc. are exactly as they should be.

It's a tremendous relief to know that Rasbaby is healthy, strong, and appears to be well-equipped for a few more weeks in the womb. I'm also pretty healthy, all things considered, and there has been no talk of bed rest or starting maternity leave early.

Now, the biggest remaining question is, When?

Because my diabetes makes things a bit riskier, my doctor will continue to peek in via ultrasound every week. If things do happen to go awry, I have to be prepared for the possibility of an early baby.

If Rasbaby needed to be born tomorrow, she would eventually be fine, although she would need a stint in the ICU before coming home.

If she can stay put until March, I should be able to dress her in some cute newborn clothes, put a hat on her little head, and bring her home from the hospital when I check out. Who knows - I might even have her nursery ready by then.

If you want to send Rasbaby some positive psychic energy, just remember: March over February. Aquamarine over amethyst. Pisces over Aquarius (although I would welcome another Aries into my home, if push came to shove).

But no matter when she arrives, I trust that everything will happen exactly as it should. She's a good baby. A strong baby. And she's got her mother's femurs.

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