February 11, 2007

A very Ras-baby shower

Yesterday, Sam and I attended a baby shower thrown in our honor.

Even though they're usually hokey, I love baby and bridal showers. I love helping people celebrate joyful milestones. I love giving gifts.

Mostly, I love the feeling of anticipation that permeates the air at a shower. Unlike a wedding or a birthday party, a shower celebrates something that hasn't happened yet. It's a day of pure, unabashed optimism.

It's a shame that people only seem to throw showers for babies and weddings.

We all need more parties to celebrate the wonderful things that haven't happened to us yet.

Even if we don't know what they are.


The day did not begin well.

I woke up with a nasty cold.

I still hadn't finished writing the questions to Rasbaby Jeopardy, the shower game I was most excited to play.

It was raining, a rare occurrence in these parts. I feared the weather might turn inclement and dissuade guests from driving to the party.

I was determined to have a good day. I enjoyed a temporary burst of energy thanks to an invigorating mix of Tylenol Cold, Sugar Free Red Bull, and sheer determination. The sun came out. The game gelled together at the last minute, as my projects always do. And the guests arrived.

In a slight departure from tradition, our guest list included a mostly even mix of men and women, plus their associated progeny.

The hosts tried to include something for everyone.

Men like booze.

Kids like balloons.

Women like cocktails.

Kids enjoy any opportunity to act silly.

The hosts set up one of the best baby shower activities I've ever seen. They provided a collection of white bibs and bodysuits (aka "onesies"), fabric markers, and stencils. A decorating table was set up, and guests were invited to make Rasbaby a personalized outfit.

The kids loved it.

The women were good sports.

The men stayed as far away from that table as possible.

In the end, Rasbaby got more than a dozen onesies and bibs designed by friends and well-wishers.

She also got a Prius-load of other gifts.

A plethora of diapers.

Soothing bath products.

Adorable outfits.

Irreverent bibs.

Stimulating toys.

And much more.

All in all, it was a great day.

With my doctor's permission, I ate cake for the first time in nearly 3 months.

You can't tell just by looking, but that was a chocolate raspberry truffle cake from Josef's Vienna, my favorite bakery this side of Europe.

It was worth every bite.

Of course, the gifts and cake were secondary.

Yesterday was just another reminder of why I love my life, and why I know that Sam, Rasbaby and I will never feel alone, even though we live half a continent away from our closest relatives.

Our lives are filled with amazing people, kind and generous people who are happy to join us in celebrating our significant moments.

Here's to many more of these moments to come, for all of us.


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