June 20, 2007


Today is Evie's last day of that seldom-discussed age between 12 weeks and 3 months.

As children grow, the units for measuring their ages grow longer. People speak of 2-day-olds, 6-week-olds, 8-month-olds, and 4-year-olds.

People warn me to be careful, that children grow up too fast. Even though The World Before Evie feels like an old movie that was once recounted to me by a stranger, I'm starting to know what they mean.

And so I take snapshots, reminders that she will never be exactly the same again.

Some researchers say that 3 months marks the developmental point when babies "should" be born. Prior to that, their little nervous systems can't quite handle all the stimuli of the outside world.

Evie finds the world fascinating, for about 10 minutes at a time.

Her favorite things to look at include tree branches, mirrors, and the frog clock in the living room.

Some of her biggest smiles have been directed at that clock.

That one was directed at me.

Her eyes are an enchanting dark blue.

She's small for her age, and strong for her size.

She frequently gets the hiccups.

The banner in the nursery says "Evangeline Kathryn," but she's more likely to get called Evie-Kins, Snuggles, Snoozy-Q, or Baron von Crankypants.

During the day, she loves to be held. At night, she needs to be swaddled.

Her favorite things to say include "Aaaah," "ohhhh," and "eh."

When she's very excited, she snorts.

She's lost much of her hair, except for a baby mullet.

She doesn't mind drinking cold milk from a bottle.

She has yet to notice the cat.

She lacks the patience for naps, but sleeps eight hours each night.

There is often lint between her toes.

She smells like Johnson's Baby Wash and slightly aged milk.

She has a formidable collection of pink clothing.

This is Evie. She's almost three months old.

I have to remind myself that she'll never be this age again.

She's not growing up too fast, but she is growing up. Starting tomorrow, we'll count her age in months.


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