August 15, 2007

Snapshots: Four months and counting

In less than one week, Evie will be five months old. I've finally figured out how this happened. It's based on the principles of Parent Time:

The Primary Principle of Parent Time
During the first three months of your child's life, time will slow to a near-standstill, forcing you to wonder, in a sleep-deprived haze, how a baby can remain two months old for an entire summer.

The Secondary Principle of Parent Time
After the first three months, your child will grow up with such alarming speed that the passage of time will accelerate until you are attending said child's high school graduation and simultaneously daydreaming about having a free weekend to put together the baby book.

That said, let's take a pause to enjoy some snapshots of Evie's brief stint as a four-month-old:

She's tiny, still fitting comfortably in her infant car seat, size 1 diapers, and the crook of Daddy's arm.

She drools a lot.

Many of her problems can be solved with some milk and/or a squirt of gripe water.

Any remaining hardships can be solved by going outdoors, being kissed on her tummy, or looking at the cat.

She smiles at the sight of her parents, but squeals at the sight of Oedipa.

Her eyes are a rich, indigo blue, with flecks of green in certain lighting.

She travels well.

She sleeps in a tight swaddle, but scoots all over the crib like a velcro-wrapped inchworm.

She's extremely popular at daycare.

If I had to speculate on her personality, I'd describe her as the quiet, inquisitive type.

Dad bathes Evie in the kitchen sink every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. She loves the water, hates getting out, and basks in the towel-wrapped cuddles that inevitably follow.

She also sneaks in a few daddy cuddles after breakfast and before daycare.

She likes her toys, but hasn't quite figured out the concept behind her rattles.

True to the style of her English major parents, Evie loves books. She thinks they're delicious.

She likes almost everyone.

Her hair is growing, sort of.

She's at her most verbose during diaper changes. Conversations might include "Oooh," "Ohhh," "Ha," and "Heh." She's also said things that sound alarmingly like "Yeah," "Okay," "Hi," and "I love you."

She laughs just often enough to prove that she knows how, but seldom enough to make me question my own humor.

Yesterday, she picked up a pacifier and placed it in her own mouth.

She can make all the motions of crawling, but can't get enough traction to actually go anywhere.

Next week, Evie will be five months old.

Maybe I should go work on that baby book.

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