May 18, 2008

Toddler Life Lessons

Hi Friends,

I've learned a lot of things in my year. Last spring, I could barely hold up my own head. Now, I'm walking, feeding crackers to my parents, and saying such words as "Uh oh," "Thanks," and "Dad dad."

I can't quite read and write yet, and the only thing I can do on the computer is activate Windows Help and change mommy's screen resolution, so mommy is typing this for me. It's time to share my hard-earned wisdom with all the other toddlers (and toddler fans) in the world.

Evie's Nuggets of Toddler Wisdom
Daddy's T-shirt drawer is a great place to store a sippy cup, and the lid to the dishwasher soap dispenser belongs in the DVD cabinet.

Pennies are not delicious. Cat food is.

Sneaking up on people is more fun if you say "deedle deedle deedle" the whole way there.

Just because the cat has never accepted your generous offer of a pacifier, that's no reason to stop offering.

At church, we learn about sharing. That's why it's a perfect time to pull things out of mommy's purse and hand them to the family sitting behind us.

It's impossible to hear "Barnyard Dance" too many times. The alphabet book, on the other hand, stops becoming interesting at the precise moment when it's revealed that "I is for Ice Cream."

"Spillproof container" means there's a puzzle waiting to be solved.

The best toys are the ones that mommy and daddy play with - the remote controls, the cell phones, and any piece of paper that looks important.

It's good to say "Uh oh" after you drop something from your high chair or knock over a tower of blocks that your daddy built. It's extra polite if you say "Uh oh" before you knock over said block tower.

Don't ever let your mommy close the bathroom door when she's inside. Whatever she's doing in there, she needs your help.

If you're in a good mood, don't keep it to yourself. Smile with your mouth wide open, squeal with delight, wave your arms in the air, and share the joy with every friend and stranger you meet.

Make your mommy write these lessons down, because you never know when one of you might forget.


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