August 19, 2008

Maybe Future Blog

One week from now, I'll be on a plane.

One week from tomorrow, I will give a 20-minute presentation to Maybe Future Employer, showcasing my facilitation skills and classroom know-how.

One week from tomorrow, I will know whether or not I have a new job and a cross-country move in my near future.

I'm excited for the Train-Off. I have ordered a portable stash of "fiddle toys" and a tossable stuffed fish whom I will probably name Gil. I'm putting together a dynamic PowerPoint that avoids the pitfalls of texty blanditude.

I hope that my training style (fun, interactive, learner-focused) will be well received at Maybe Future Employer. If it's not, then I probably don't belong there. Still, that would be a hard message to accept.

I've crossed that personal line, analogous to that moment in a new relationship when you realize that you might have found the One - and, if you're wrong, it will almost certainly end with a broken heart. I can't pinpoint the moment, but it happened during my trip two weeks ago. Perhaps it was when Maybe Future Boss made an Office Space joke and I instantly shot back a reference to the same movie. Perhaps it was when I walked into a brand new house in Rosemount and felt like I was home. It was a really good feeling, although admittedly a bit terrifying.

There's something else that happens when you are in a new relationship. You see the world differently; you are open to seeing the ideal version of things. Even though the ideal inevitably fades into reality and familiarity, it's nice to know that you can still see perfection in things, even if it's just for a short time.

So, I'll let myself have it.

Next week, I'll board a plane to Minnesota. I'll give the best presentation of my life, receive a job offer with a generous relocation package, enroll my toddler in a top-notch bilingual preschool, and make an offer on a beautiful new home to replace the one that I'm selling at the end of the month.


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Beth said...

Good luck!! They are going to LOVE you!!