July 23, 2013

Day 4: Washington, DC

Our morning started in Lexington, about as well as a morning could. I went for a run, we ate homemade raspberry lemon muffins, and we explored Washington and Lee University with our hostess, Sam's aunt Sally, who teaches at the law school.

Evie liked learning about the history of the university and its namesakes.

Felix liked the stairs, the grassy spaces, and the construction vehicles.

They both liked cannons and their dad.

We bid farewell to Lexington and headed toward DC. We didn't make it that far.

About 1/2 hour into our journey, Sally called to tell us she found a teddy bear in her bathroom. It was Teddy, Evie's beloved friend. She sleeps with him every night. She brings him on every trip. If she finds him in a room, she will shout "Teddy!" and hug him as if they have been separated for years.

We waited about 5 minutes between telling Evie that Teddy was gone and letting her know we were on our way back to get him: long enough for her to realize the importance of keeping track of her belongings, but not long enough to break her heart. Truth is, we knew immediately to turn the car around.

We realized that every item in the car had a value that could be expressed by how far we would drive to retrieve it. My phone, Sam's wallet, and Felix's blankies were the only items on par with Teddy. Sunglasses and hairbrushes could be replaced, ordinary toys could be mailed. I once left a pillow at an Idaho Comfort Inn and was delighted to find it on my doorstep days later.

In Washington, DC, we descended upon Sam's cousin Sarah's house, doubling the number of kids and raising the noise level exponentially. Evie and Felix hadn't seen their second cousins William and Charlotte in years, but they bonded instantly.

They stayed still long enough to eat some pizza before having a dance party and giggle fest.

I haven't figured our how to post video on my blog, but imagine four very enthusiastic kids jumping and dancing around to Gangnam Style. 

This is where we are, and where we will be staying for the next four days.

We couldn't be more pleased.

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