July 24, 2013

Day 5: Sometimes You Just Need a Nap (Washington, DC)

The kids are very happy at their second cousins' house.

There is a bounce house in the basement.

There are toys and dress-up clothes and fun little kids to play with. Felix is utterly charmed by his cousin Charlotte, and it's not hard to see why.

We didn't think we would be able to convince Evie and Felix to leave the house, but they were excited about museums.

Evie's excitement held up at the Museum of Natural History. 

Felix's did not.

(Not pictured: exhausted child alternating between clinging to his parents and running into the crowd)

Felix and I headed back to "Charlotte's house" for a much needed afternoon nap, but first we stopped for a hot dog.

Meanwhile, Sam and Evie explored the Air and Space Museum.

Rejuvenated by naps for some and astronaut ice cream for others, we ventured downtown and enjoyed dinner with friends we hadn't seen in too long.

Afterward, we enjoyed drinks and sparkling conversation with cousins we hadn't seen in too long.

We should visit more often.

There is a deep message here somewhere, a thematic element of people's connection to one another and the importance of the places we go and the messages we find when we are where we need to be... But it is too late and I have had too much wine to express it coherently.

I'll leave you instead with this photo of Evie and the world's largest aquamarine.

Tomorrow, the zoo.

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