July 25, 2013

Day 6: The National Zoo

I am proud to say I've kept up my goal of blogging each day of vacation. Writing is like exercise: it's something I love having done, but starting can feel like a chore. The more I do it, the easier it becomes.

Speaking of exercise, our zoo outing racked up 15,000 steps and 6.78 miles. My Fitbit was impressed.

We arrived via Metro. Felix loved the train ride; don't let his cool demeanor fool you.

We strolled along Connecticut Avenue, the busy street where Rusty the red panda had scampered along when he recently escaped from the zoo. We later visited Rusty, safe in his habitat.

We also visited giant pandas, zebras, turtles, wolves, and elephants. 

Evie was most excited to see the bald eagle.

Felix was not excited about anything at first.

Don't let his cool demeanor fool you.

He was tired, restless, and unimpressed...

Until he saw the otters.

Otters salvaged his mood. He watched them swim and dive and otter around. We played "otter spotter," a game which consisted of Felix shouting "I spotted it!"

The game worked for seals, too.

We bought him a new friend to remember the day.

Felix and his otter were inseparable. He named him Hoagie. 

Evie got a new friend, too. She named her Cuddly.

Tonight, we're leaving the kids with a babysitter and having a grown-ups' night out with our hosts.

I am not sure who is most excited: the adults who get a crayon-free dinner, or the kids who get a slumber party.


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