March 18, 2014

10 Things That Happened Today

1. I forgot to put on blush and had to choose between looking paler than normal or streaking lipstick across my cheeks. After the second coworker asked me if I was feeling tired, I opted for the latter.

2. With patience, determination, and the clever use of folders, I got my work inbox under 100 emails, the threshold at which I go from "overwhelmed" to simply "busy."

3.  Following a late-afternoon meeting with my new coworkers, I absentmindedly responded "Thanks, you too!" to someone who said "Bye" because I thought she was saying "Have a good night." Then I tried to fix it by saying "Have a good night" but I stumbled on my words and it came out "Have fun" and I walked away wondering how on earth I have a job in communications.

4. I got the new Facebook layout, in which photos show more prominently and shared content (like blogs) have a snazzy new font. This makes me want to write better, prettier blogs in the hopes that people will want to share them. Starting tomorrow.

5. I saw a bit of grass at the edge of my lawn where the snow had finally melted a little bit. Two hours later, it started snowing. 

6. I told Evie about a news story I read in which a 9-year-old boy was bullied for bringing a My Little Pony backpack to school, and the school's response was to ban him from bringing the backpack. Evie insisted we find him on Facebook so she could tell him that she thinks he's awesome, the bullies are wrong, and he should be able to like what he likes and bring his favorite backpack. So we did.

7. I gave away the Diaper Genie. 

8. I read a chapter of Harry Potter to the kids and got tears in my eyes. The heartbreaking things that poor boy wizard has to endure! I remember being emotionally affected by these books the first time I read them, but I think it's even worse now that I have kids.

9. Felix and I shared a "cuddle tent," an invention of his which cleverly combines hugging and hiding under blankets right before bedtime. It washed away all the frustration I had felt earlier in the day when he threw a tantrum because his sister walked into the house before he did.

10. In deference to a growing need for sleep, and my inability to focus long enough to type out a coherent and cohesive blog, I decided to make this list. Tomorrow, I plan to be rested and ready to follow a single thought to completion.

Sleep well, friends. We deserve it.

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