March 25, 2014

My Warm-Weather Bucket List

There's a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Tonight's forecast is in the single digits. I can't take it anymore, so I've started a list. Here are 20 things I'd like to do while the weather is warm because, eventually, it will be. I promise. 

1. Shoot off some of the fireworks we have left over from last July 4.

2. Run around Christmas Lake. Run a 10k in August. Run, and keep running until I feel as healthy as I was last summer. 

3. Spend a weekend with these people.

4. Sit on my back porch with a bottle of wine, watching fireflies sparkle over the marsh.

5. Sit on the neighbors' porch, talking until the wee hours, within baby-monitor's reach of our sleeping kids.

6. Be on a boat on a lake.

7. Catch a walleye, a northern, or a largemouth bass.

8. Take a couple days off from work just to be in the world.

9. Take the kids on a road trip to someplace where you can see an abundance of stars, including more of Orion than just his belt.

10. Get a glittery pedicure and some cute new sandals.

11. Ride bikes into Excelsior with Evie, and buy her some Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream at Lick's.

12. Get Felix his first bike.

13. See at least one amazing outdoor concert.

14. Collect some extra freckles, just in case.

15. Grill a pizza.

16. Plant something pretty and help it grow.

17. Go to a fair, ride expensive rides, eat fried cheese curds, and feel like a kid again.

18. Engage in a water fight.

19. Roll down the hill.

20. Open our house and host at least one friend from another state who needs to experience the magic of a Minnesota summer.

Who's in?

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