March 27, 2014

The 10 most (and least) understandable things about being a kid

Kid things that I can completely relate to

1. Being so tired that everything is hard, nothing can make me happy, I just want to cry, but I absolutely cannot go to bed

2. Having so much fun with my friends that I never want them to go home

3. My Little Pony

4. Why we should always buy the unlimited ride pass and arrive at the amusement park as soon as it opens

5. Being too absorbed in what I'm doing to stop and use the bathroom until it's nearly too late

6. Insisting that every day should begin and end with a snuggle

7. Having a blanket that I adore so much it's almost a family member

8. Being completely full, but always having room for a treat

9. Always having something better to do than cleaning my room

10. Being just a little scared of the dark

Kid things that I cannot wrap my head around

1. Fun Dip

2. Watching the same episode of Bob the Builder again and again and again and again

3. Spinning around until I'm dizzy

4. Sharing my bed with 28 stuffed animals, 7 trucks, a Jeep that plays Funkytown, and some Legos

5. Not noticing if my shoes are on the wrong feet, if I have my pants on backwards, or if I forgot to brush my hair or teeth today

6. Feeling completely safe riding on a tall person's shoulders

7. Hoarding stickers, erasers, kids' meal toys, and all the tiny plastic tchotchkes

8. Eating objects of indeterminate age and origin that I find in the car

9. Checking out books from the library that I already own

10. Wishing I were older

Sometimes, we're on the same page. Sometimes, we're in different books.

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