June 25, 2017

Day 5: More photos than words

Today, we visited the hills south of Krakow, the area where the second half of my grandparents' World War II story takes place. It is a primary setting for the novel I'm working on. I will find many, many words to write about this place.

But today, I just want to show you the photos.

Myslenice, where my grandfather's Underground Army (Armia Krajowa) unit was headquartered.

Dobcycze, another town in his area of command.

A memorial to the Armia Krajowa on a hill where my grandfather's unit fought against Nazi soldiers:

The view from that hill:

This rooster, who saw me trying to back up the station wagon at the top of his hill and wanted to make sure I knew who was boss:

Szczyrzyc, a monastery which gave supplies to the Resistance. My mom remembers walking here, and riding in a horse-drawn carriage to attend church and to buy candy in the town. Also, a Polish name that I am completely unable to pronounce.

The church in Gora Jana, where my mom was baptized.

A cemetery where many of my relatives are buried:

The road to Gora Jana, which my mother remembers full of dairy pastures and ramshackle cottages. Today, it is home to acres of apple orchards.

Good night, friends. I'll have more words for you tomorrow.

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